Offering developers a new sales tool to keep marketing while keeping their distance.



Fōcused Interiors is offering Developers access to their very own Virtual Open House.  A Virtual Open House is an Interactive 360 Tour of one (or all) of a development’s floor plan types. Instead of showing a simple floor plan drawing to convey each unit type, your prospective clients will be able to virtually walk through and experience each floor plan you offer from the safety and comfort of their own home!  Virtual Open Houses start in a Base-White Model but can be quickly and easily upgraded to include add-ons such as finishes, furniture and accessories.

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“[Focused Interiors’] design systems are, to the best of my knowledge, not only unique, but cost-effective and interesting as they provide “virtual staging” for vacant or unfinished properties, or properties which do not otherwise “show well” due to tenant situations or where physical staging systems are not feasible.”

R. Hanson Managing Broker, Sotheby's International Realty | Canada

Offering realtors the next generation of real estate marketing.



Fōcused Interiors is an exclusive one-stop-service for realtors, helping them close faster and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.  Up until now, realtors have not been able to take an existing space and reimagine it for potential buyers.  Yet according to a statistic released from the National Association of Realtors, “90 percent of buyers and owners cannot visualize the potential of a space.” Fōcused Interiors addresses this issue by developing interior design solutions for these properties and presents these ideas using photorealistic images and interactive 360 panorama tours. These images allow buyers and sellers to “see” the potential of a space regardless of it’s current state, because if a buyer can’t visualize it, they likely won’t buy it.

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When it comes to designing and the visual impressions that enable you to envision the perfected space, Focused Interiors did just that with the use of photorealistic images. The professionalism shown by Focused Interiors, conception to completion is exceptional.

M. Dukeshire Operations Manager, Unified Systems Inc.

Helping businesses and stakeholders to “see” the potential of a space before the design is ever implemented.



When large organizations require multiple parties to be in agreement for decisions to be reached, more effort must be placed on communicating the redesign in a way everyone will be able to understand.

Our services address: Staging|Decorating. Renovation|Updating. Under Construction. New Build|Vacant Lot. Office Refresh|Space Planning.

“[Working with Fōcused Interiors] was a positive experience and helped us make some very challenging decisions.  The idea’s that were presented by Kathie-Lee were new and fresh.  She listened attentively to all that we had to tell her in regards to ours needs and wants, and took these into consideration during the planning process. My spouse & I did not like each others renovation design style but Focused Interiors was able to bring both styles together.  With this joining of design she re-ignited our excitement for the project, and put a project that was long on hold back to life.”

L. Deo Homeowner

Working with homeowners to help them envision the possibilities of their property.



Whether you have a personal residence or an investment property, we will work with you to help you see the potential of your property using state-of-the-art graphics and computer technology. We are committed to helping our clients “see” the potential of their space, so they can feel confident when implementing the design.  By offering a variety of visual services for property owners, property owners can now envision the changes for themselves!

Our services address: Staging|Decorating. Renovation|Updating. Under Construction. New Build|Vacant Lot.

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