About Us


Fōcused Interiors is an an award winning visual studio creating photorealistic images of properties on the real estate market, commercial properties and private residential properties.  These images are focused to help potential buyers, business owners and homeowners “see” the potential of a space regardless of it’s current state. Visit our Departments Page to explore more about what we do.


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One of Surrey’s Most Innovative Businesses  of 2017.
Excellence in the Start-Up Phase  of entrepreneurial ventures.
New Business in Successful Operation  within the first 3 years.
Young Entrepreneur of 30 Years or Younger owning a business.


Kathie-Lee is the founder, owner and creative director of Fōcused Interiors.


Kathie-Lee Olson was born and raised in Regina, SK, Canada and has been living in British Columbia’s Greater Vancouver Area since 2008.  During that time, she attended University at the Wilson School of Design, graduating with a Bachelor of Interior Design Degree, BID.  She spends much of her free time traveling, learning and pursuing various design interests.

Professional Life

Kathie-Lee is a highly driven, innovative individual who excels at designing within constraints.  Motivated by her passion to envision what’s possible, Kathie-Lee founded the cloud-based business Fōcused Interiors in response to the 90% of people who struggle to see the potential of a space.  Kathie-Lee takes every life experience as an opportunity to observe and learn both from the natural and built environments around her.  Her outgoing nature and enthusiasm to always learn and evolve, both as a designer and in life, is what has propelled her to create and establish the business Fōcused Interiors is today!

Design Philosophy

To design with purpose in order to deeply enrich and enhance the quality of people’s lives.

As a Visual 3D Studio, we believe that communication is everything!  A great design is only great if it is clearly understood by all.Kathie-Lee Olson